Being and making disciples of Jesus

We’re a mixed community of believers of all ages: at Bearsden Baptist Church, you’ll find singles, couples, young families, teenagers, empty nesters and senior citizens. There’s definitely a place for you.

We’re passionate about our relationship with Jesus and want everyone—wherever you are on your journey—to discover that passionate relationship for themselves.

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The Well-Come Café

The Well-Come café, named after John 4:1-42, is now open from 2-4pm every Wednesday, in Room 2 of Maxholme.

The café is a loving, safe and non-judgemental place where everyone is accepted. There will be activities, crafts and refreshments provided but also simply the opportunity to rest and be human together.

A short time of prayer using Psalm 103 or the Lord’s Prayer, to which all are invited without obligation, will be offered at the end of each session and there will be the opportunity to sign-post people to further helpful resources/agencies in the local community, if needed. If you or anyone you know among friends, neighbours, family or colleagues are struggling with loneliness, grief, anxiety, depression or any mental health issues, please do make use of us.

All are welcome in the kingdom of God!

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Services in the church building

It is no longer a legal requirement to wear face coverings in places of worship. The fact that these are no longer compulsory will no doubt mean that most people will enjoy the freedom to ‘feel normal’ in worship.

Nevertheless, it is important that we are all aware of the needs of more vulnerable people in our church family, bearing in mind that the rate of infections is still very high. We would therefore like to make it clear that if anyone wants to wear a face covering they should do so, and no one should feel stigmatised for doing this. The good news is nevertheless that face coverings are no longer compulsory and we hope that most people will enjoy the freedom to ‘feel normal’ in worship that this will bring.

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We are a family-friendly church aiming to serve our community and so visitors are assured of a warm and friendly welcome at our church, where a crèche is always available during the service, as well as our Kidzone group for kids from preschool age to P6. We also run our Crossroads group for young people of secondary age during the service – so why not bring the whole family to church!

After the service tea, coffee and biscuits are on offer, and you have an opportunity to chat and get to know new people – it would be great to meet you.