In every marriage there is a desire to feel more closely connected and intimate with our spouse. It can be difficult sometimes to know how to work through the pains, heartache and disconnection that occur in every marriage. At Bearsden Baptist we seek to encourage couples to invest in their marriage by promoting courses and workshops run by Alpha UK and Nothing Hidden Ministries – Love After Marriage. We have run a number of Alpha Marriage Courses in the church in recent years while some of our couples have also attended Love After Marriage (LAM) workshops in our church and each other’s homes.

The Alpha Marriage Course

The Marriage Course is run over seven weekly sessions, at each of which couples are each seated at their own table for two. Each session offers tools and practical ideas to help nurture your relationship, and typically includes a meal, a practical talk and a time for private discussion between you and your partner. The Marriage Course is based on Christian principles but designed for all couples with or without a church background.


Love after Marriage

LAM workshops can be run either in a short intensive format (typically 3.5 days) hosted in a church such as Bearsden Baptist, or over a longer 18-week format in the homes of the couples attending. In both formats, LAM provides teaching and tools to help couples in the spiritual, emotional and sexual areas of marriage, with opportunities to practise sharing and being vulnerable within the safety of a small group. LAM is primarily for couples who share a Christian faith and want to experience deeper oneness in their relationship – with the help of the Holy Spirit.