Wycliffe Advent Calendar 2020

As we celebrate Advent, our Overseas Team invites the Church to donate to a cause close to the Church’s heart. The response has always been heart-warming!

This year, we are asking you to consider supporting Wycliffe Bible Translators. Wycliffe does wonderful work bringing the Word of God to people in their own language. Many of you will also know of our own dear Peter and Lucia Martin’s involvement with Wycliffe over so many years.

One of the interactive ways you will be able to encounter the projects and people that Wycliffe is involved with is through our digital Advent Calendar. Each numbered door will be unlocked on that day in December, and clicking on a door will reveal a featured project or people, with lots of background information and specific aspects that you can pray for, plus a video to watch. There’s also a link to the Wycliffe page if you’d like more information.

Tip: When viewing the content behind a calendar door, there is a little X at the top right to dismiss the content. This may be difficult to see on certain photos on mobile, but it’s there and will respond to a tap.

To help move Bible translation forward for the millions of people who are still waiting to read and hear the Good News in their own language, you can support Wycliffe financially during this season of Advent. Please consider either:

  • sending a cheque to The Treasurer, Bearsden Baptist Church, 14 Roman Road, Glasgow G61 2SL, with the cheque made payable to Bearsden Baptist Church and marked “for Wycliffe” on the back; or
  • making a bank transfer to the Church’s bank account. Please including the reference “Wy” followed by your surname and initial in the ‘Reference’ box (this may help the Church reclaim gift aid on your donation). If you don’t have the bank details please e-mail treasurer@bearsdenbaptistchurch.com for details and Ivor will call you back.

We hope that you enjoy taking part in this winter’s appeal!

Click on the image below to go to the Advent Calendar…

Wycliffe Advent Calendar 2020

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